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MP3 Alarm Clock

Beethoven or Britney - you decide!

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    MP3 Alarm Clock

    New: Now in black!

    Waking up to the egocentric musings of Moyles, Wogan and Vaughan day after day is enough to make the biggest radio fan want to stuff their lugholes full of soggy cornflakes. So wouldn't it be great if you could wake up to whatever song, playlist, podcast or alarm sound you fancied?

    Well thanks to the ultra-funky MP3 Cube Alarm Clock you can do exactly that and more. This sleek box of digital whizz-bangery makes waking up a pleasure. And it's so easy to use the only problem you'll have is deciding what tunes to bung in it. Then again, with a whopping 128MB capacity you'll have plenty of choice when uploading your favourite ear candy.

    Cube 256MB Mp3 Alarm Clock
    Speaking of uploading, built-in USB connectivity makes transferring files easier than falling out of bed and squashing your cold kebab. Simply connect this life-enhancing block to your PC and get dragging.

    MP3 Alarm Clock

    Travel-friendly size

    A smart LCD display with backlit controls means you can program the alarm and scroll through your music even when you're half zombified. Perfect for those times when you roll into bed two hours after you were supposed to wake up.

    Despite its travel-friendly size, this battery-operated baby sounds fantastic, so you can even use it as a stand-in sound system in your bedroom - or wherever else you fall asleep.

    MP3 Alarm Clock
    Once you get used to the concept of waking up to whatever you fancy, you'll wonder how you ever survived without the MP3 Cube. We've tried rock, jazz, ambient, the theme from Magnum, Samuel L's "great vengeance"' speech from Pulp Fiction and even a bit of James Blunt (although that sent us straight back to sleep). Our current fave is the red alert siren off Star Trek. The possibilities are endless. Sadly, supplies are not - so wake up and get ordering!

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