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MP3 Alarm Clock Retro
  • MP3 Alarm Clock Retro

MP3 Alarm Clock Retro

Wakey, wakey, rise and rock!

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    The MP3 Alarm Clock will be back in 2005

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    Waking up sucks. So much so that most of us grow to hate the sound of our poor old alarm clock and greet its incessant whining with a phrase that ends in 'off!' Of course you can always set your radio to wake you up but you never know what you're going to get: it could be Kylie, it could be Slipknot - it could even be an advert for haemorrhoid cream. Worse than that, it could be Dr Fox!

    MP3 Alarm Clock So wouldn't it be great if you could choose your favourite sound or song to wake up to? Well now you can with the ingenious MP3 Alarm Clock. Despite looking like a petrol pump from the Planet Tharg, this clever tabletop timepiece allows you to download sounds directly from your PC. Simply connect it to your computer via the included USB cable and you're away!

    When the alarm goes off the MP3 Alarm Clock will play your downloaded ditty and flash its antennae in time to your preloaded song. Well, we say song, but we find it's even more amusing being woken up by a daft din. Check out the MP3 Alarm Clock's soundbank at Here you'll find 118 specially programmed sounds - anything from birdsong and children's faves to locomotives and machine-gun fire. Don't ask us why, but we particularly like waking up to Trumpet 01.

    MP3 Alarm Clock

    MP3 Alarm Clock The included software makes transferring files a breeze - just click the 'Record' button in the dialogue box and all of your PC's recordable files (including WAVs and MP3s) will appear, ready to be transferred. It's as simple as that. Only 50 seconds of your tune/quote/silly noise will be recorded onto the clock but that's more than enough to shake you from your slumber! Each time you transfer a new file the previous one is overwritten, so you can wake up to a new sound every day.

    The MP3 Alarm Clock features a bold, easy-to-read face, and it even boasts a handy snooze function. It really is the most entertaining bedside companion imaginable (well, almost). Whatever sound you choose to download - be it one of your own or a special soundbank file - we guarantee you'll wake up with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. We love the sound of Motorhead in the morning!

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