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MB Keychain Mini Games
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MB Keychain Mini Games

Pocket-sized classics

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    Please note: Perfection, as depicted in the catalogue, is unfortunately no longer available. But Hungry Hippos is. And you can play this game against someone else. Which is nice.

    Isn't miniaturization marvellous? From Bonsai trees and MP3s to circuitboards and cars, the art of making things smaller - and thus more practical - is something we at Firebox truly appreciate. Because as Ronnie Corbett, Mother Theresa and Kylie Minogue prove, good things really do come in small packages.

    MB Keychain Mini Games This supposition is especially true when it comes to MB's Keychain Mini Games. Shrinkologists over at MB have managed to miniaturize three classic games - Operation, Connect Four and Hungry Hippos - to the point where they'll dangle happily from your keyring. Each matchbox-sized game is a perfect replica of its big brother, and everything you need to play is concealed within a sturdy fold out box featuring the original packaging artwork. Simply slide 'em open and you can Operate, Connect and Feed - anytime, anyplace.

    MB Keychain Mini Games MB Keychain Mini Games make ideal travelling companions and you won't have to um and ah about taking them along because they'll fit in your pocket. But what about the actual games? Well, Operation is exactly as you remember it, only smaller. The patient with the buzzing, flashing nose still needs various bits removing, only this time the tweezers and body parts are cleverly attached via wire, so you won't lose them.

    Connect Four opens out to become an upright frame and all the counters can be stored in the box when you're finished. And Hungry Hippos is a mini two player version of the racket-making original, with just as much pump action fun and tension.

    MB Keychain Mini Games

    MB Keychain Mini Games are precise replicas of timeless classics, so they're brilliant for the playground, pub, classroom or boardroom. In fact they're so portable you can take them with you wherever you may roam. Just make sure the boss doesn't catch you - he might want a go!

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