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  • Use your noodle to shed light on the situation
  • Magnets and ties help attach Luminoodle to almost anything
  • The carry bag doubles up as a handy lantern
  • Comes with its own 4400mAh universal battery pack
The great outdoors. Isn't it, umm... great?

Mankind has explored this world for thousands of years but has yet to evolve an effective night-vision capacity, so we've relied on things like fire, lanterns and torches to help us see when the sun goes down.

So far so good, but fire is pretty dangerous, lanterns are clunky and torches can usually only light up a small area in front of them. Are these really the best solution we can come up with?

No. Enter the Luminoodle, a versatile string of LEDs producing 180 lumens (or should that be ramens?) of light. Powered by a powerful 4400mAh USB rechargeable battery pack and stored neatly inside a nylon carry bag that doubles up as a lantern. Clever, eh?

The Luminoodle can be used for camping, picnics, interior lighting, emergency lighting, bike safety lights, garden lighting and so on, it's even waterproof! In fact, it's so useful that it achieved nearly 3900% more than it was looking for when it got funded on Kickstarter.

So, we think it's time to ditch that old shoddy torch of yours and get yourself a Luminoodle. Now that's really using your noodle.

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6 Reviews

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  • "That is exactly waht I've been looking for. I've been runnig aroud the house like a firefly :) Can't wait for camping. Love it. Love it."
    Zdenko - 8th of February, 2017
  • "Awesome product, will work amazingly for micro adventures and camping now the nights are drawing in. Easy to use and looks great."
    Jed - 31st of August, 2016
  • "ACE! It even had some charge in the battery when it was delivered so Dad could play with it straightaway!"
    Rachel - 17th of August, 2016
  • "Great product for when you need an impromptu lightsource. Very sturdy and good value."
    Anders - 1st of July, 2016
  • "I bought the Loomnoodle to use in our campervan & it works brilliantly! Only down side is it needs a few more magnets! Definitely recommend!"
    Vicki - 1st of June, 2016