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Lumin Lamp
  • Lumin Lamp

Lumin Lamp

The candle's dead. Long live the Lumin!

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    Lumin Lamp

    No old fashioned matches needed!

    Using candles to add atmosphere to your home is all very romantic but it's a bit Wee Willie Winkie/1970s power cut, isn't it? And messing about with wicks, wax and naked flames is hardly the behaviour of a forward-thinking gadget-meister. (Unless you've brought said candles back from the 13th century in your time machine). That's why tech-heads in the know are raving about the Lumin Lamp.

    Lumin Lamp

    Light up those dark corners

    A modern alternative to candlelight, this sleek LED mood lamp provides instant ambient lighting anywhere around the home or garden - no matches required. Simply twist the acrylic top and a calming glow emanates from within. And it's not just any calming glow, because the Lumin comes in three colour variants: Candy Red, Ocean Blue and Lime Green.

    Lumin Lamp

    Just un-screw the top to change batteries

    Styled in machine-brushed aluminium, the ultra-contemporary Lumin Lamp can be positioned wherever you fancy because it's battery operated. Cables, what cables? And before you start moaning about the cost of batteries, get this: the Lumin's bulb lasts for a minimum of 1500 hours on three C cell batteries.

    That gives you more than enough time to relax in its chic, soothing glow as you polish your plasma, re-arrange your Damien Hirst prints and chill out listening to Real Ibiza 8. That is what all you fashionably futuristic types do when you're not gawping at Firebox, isn't it?

    Lumin Lamp

    Beautiful in the bathroom

    Whether you choose to place the Lumin Lamp on your bedside table, garden patio or even beside the bath*, it's guaranteed to add a dash of designer starship cool to proceedings. You can even run around pretending it's a baton from the 2092 Olympic relay. So don't just sit there. In the words of Jean Luc Picard, 'make it so' and hit the Buy button.

    Lumin Lamp

    Great for all your summer parties!

    *Please note that Lumin Lamp is not waterproof, so be careful when placing near water.

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