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Lumi Light Printing Kit

Prints Charming

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  • Easily print your own unique designs
  • An inexpensive and high quality printing solution
  • Extremely straightforward to use
  • Based on the same family of dyes used to colour blue jeans
It doesn’t get much worse than seeing someone else wearing the same t-shirt as you in the street. On the one hand it legitimises your cutting-edge fashion sense and on the other it makes you feel like a worthless clone. What if there was a simple way to print your own designs, at home, without any expensive specialised equipment?

The Lumi Light Printing Kit provides a beautifully uncomplicated, low-cost and fun way to permanently print your very own unique creations onto a t-shirt. It's based on the same family of dyes used to colour blue jeans so you know it's good.

Once you've settled on your chosen photo or design, use the simple Lumi App to transform the image into a negative. Print it onto acetate, apply the Inkodye and position your design, then let the sun magically develop it right before your eyes. Just pop it in the wash with the included Inkowash and your print is now permanent and can be machine-washed without fading.

The fun certainly needn't stop at t-shirts either; you can print on cotton, linen, silk, rayon (!!??), canvas, raw leather, suede, or any other natural and absorbent fibre - even untreated wood and unglazed ceramics. Now everything you own can be one-of-a-kind.

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