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Lumen Smart Bulb

How many apps does it take to change a light bulb?

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  • Use your iPhone to instantly control your lighting environment
  • Lasts 30x longer and uses 5x less power than a regular bulb
  • Seven diverse pre-programmed modes from 'wake up' to 'party'
  • It's the only light bulb you'll enjoy changing
How many apps does it take to change a light bulb? One. So long as you're using the Lumen Smart Bulb.

Whether you're looking to enrich the ambiance accompanying a rare moment of peace and quiet or turn your living room into an all night rave, this innovative LED bulb has a setting to suit every situation. With the beautifully simple free app, you're in full control of this 400 lumen beast, giving you the ability to alter the brightness and choose from a vast spectrum of colours with just the stroke of a finger.

This highly efficient bulb includes seven pre-programmed modes, ranging from a soothing sunrise simulation to a party setting which synchronises your lighting to the beat of the music. There's even a Romance mode that instantly creates the perfect conditions for a date or quiet evening in. Want to dim the lights a little? Subtle and sensual red hue? That's right, Lumen is your faithful app-controlled wingman.

Blending the functionality of a standard white bulb, the versatility and fun of multi-coloured lights and the longevity and cost savings of an LED bulb, this is the only bulb you'll enjoy changing.

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