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Lucky Peach Presents - Power Vegetables!

Turbo-Charged Recipes for Vegetables with Guts

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  • Features over 100 of the finest veggie recipes ever concocted
  • Save a cute pig or majestic cow by tweaking your eating habits
  • Tantalising alternatives to your carnivorous mealtime staples
  • From the brains behind the indie-food journal, Lucky Peach
  • Give it a go. You just might like it.
Did you know that over a BILLION animals are slaughtered in the UK every year just to satisfy our cravings for sausages, burgers and your fancy Italian pulled pork flat breads?

…does sound nice though.

Whilst many of us may struggle to go completely cold turkey by shunning all things meaty, Power Vegetables is here to try and open the eyes of even the most carnivorous among us to demonstrate that vegetables are equally as deserving of the mealtime spotlight. Picture the scenes of farmyard jubilation thanks to you substituting meaty goodness out of just one of your weekly dinners.

Written by Peter Meehan – author at popular indie-food journal Lucky Peach – Power Vegetables is stacked full of turbocharged veggie recipes that’ll shift your nightly cooking habits and transform you into a meat-free master chef.

Don’t judge this as some run-of-the-mill vegetarian cookbook though, no sir. Inside you’ll find some seriously left-field alternatives to your old livestock favourites. Buffalo Cucumbers, Sweet Potato Burritos and Tex-Mex Shepherd’s Pie (no sheep) are just some of the recipes waiting to convert you to the wonders of veg.

Give it a go. You might just like it.

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