The Black Box - Limited Edition. Full of Firebox best-sellers
The Black Box - Limited Edition. Full of Firebox best-sellers

Lovers' Long Spaghetti

Perfect for ca-noodle-ing

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  • The best way to instigate some natural & spontaneous kissing
  • 1 metre long – slowly reel them into an inescapable embrace
  • Because life is just too short
  • Bring you and your loved one closer physically and emotionally
  • Love is a dish best served Al dente
That first kiss. Just sublime. The moment when you know it's all on. The slight awkwardness. The anticipation. The suspense. And finally the heavenly moment of (ideally) mutual bliss.

Subtly engineering a natural and passionate kiss without grabbing at their face is challenging at the best of times. The Lovers' Long Spaghetti takes all the hassle and awkwardness out of this painful procedure and provides you with the perfect tool to instigate some spontaneous ca-noodle-ing.

At a wholesome one metre long you can bring your love-interest to the boil then seductively reel them into a glorious inescapable embrace. This passion-filled pasta is certain to infuse some romance back into your nights in, and draw you and your loved one closer together physically as well as emotionally.
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