Love Tree

    Love Tree

    Why send flowers when you can send a tree?

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      Please note: Delivery can take up to seven working days. The Love Tree ships as a sapling to be planted. Depending on the time of year the product may or may not ship with foliage. Drawstring bag shown in photo not supplied.

      'Knock! Knock!' Who's there? 'Love!' Love who? 'Love Tree, that's who!'

      Yes, we know that's about as funny as a branch up the backside, but it's there to illustrate a brilliant new way to give and receive trees. 'And why would I want to do that?' we hear you ask. Well, giving that special somebody a high quality tree is a seriously unique way to show them how much you care. After all, cut flowers are great but they have a nasty habit of dying. A tree, on the other hand, is a lasting alternative. Better still, it will gradually grow before your very eyes.

      So how does this Love Tree business work, then? It's simple. All you do is give us the recipients name and address and we'll dispatch an individually packaged tree along with a gift card. You can even personalise the card with your very own heartfelt message.

      The tree in question is a gorgeous Prunus Avium - more commonly known as Wild Cherry. Specially grown in the UK (and therefore well-suited to our weather conditions), this specimen has an attractive white flower bloom in the spring and yields small red berries. Whilst not poisonous the berries aren't edible. That said, birds love 'em (feathered birds, that is), so any ornithologists out there will have a field day once their tree bears fruit.

      Love Tree The tree supplied is about 20-40 cm tall. Not very big, granted. But once planted Wild Cherry can grow to over 20 metres. And even we couldn't deliver anything that big. Besides, the real joy of receiving a Love Tree lies in watching it grow. All the owner has to do is provide the tree with a bit of TLC and an occasional drop of water. Nature will see to the rest.

      So go on - if you haven't already twigged, it's time to branch out, sow some seeds of love and order your Prunus Avium today. You'd be out of your tree not to!

      (NB: Firebox apologises for the proliferation of arboreal wordplay in the above text - we were stumped for an ending).

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