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Love Tokens

Promises, promises.

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    The Love Token

    Love Token
    (good for a roll in the hay!)

    Love is a many-splendoured thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. Yes indeed, here at Firebox we believe in a thing called love. That's why we're constantly on the lookout for innovative gifts for all you hopeless romantics out there. Which isn't as easy as it sounds, because most lovey-dovey pressies are as schmaltzy and clichéd as they are tacky and useless.

    Love Tokens on the other hand are cute, unique, beautifully crafted and, above all, practical. But what in the name of Cupid are Love Tokens? Well, as the name suggests these smart little pewter discs are tokens that are embossed with romantic pledges.

    Each set contains ten tokens with five different promises: there's the Kiss token (good for one kiss), the Massage token (good for one massage), the Good Morning token (good for one breakfast in bed), the Love token (good for one roll in the hay) and finally the Hug token (yep, you guessed it, good for one hug). As well as a cutesy vow, each dinky token features a cut-out middle section depicting a heart, hand or coffee cup. Handy if your ideal partner doesn't speak the lingo.

    Love Tokens

    Although Love Tokens are small enough to slip into a prospective lover's pocket on the sly, they're also great when given to long term lovers, especially if the spark has gone out of your relationship. Love Tokens are also irresistible weapons when attempting to apologise to someone you love - but be warned; we did hear about one Firebox employee who ended up with egg on his face - literally - after returning from the pub at 4am and presenting his other half with a Good Morning token. (Apparently, Good for Nothing tokens are currently unavailable).

    Love Tokens come in a little pouch, so if you're feeling particularly loved-up you can give all ten at once. Just make sure you honour your promises - because despite the name, Love Tokens are more than mere token gestures - they're promises in pewter.

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