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Love Energy Potion

Wake up your senses

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    A little Love Potion goes a long way

    Some say all you need is love (ba ba dabba daa), but is love all you need? Sometimes what you really need is a shock to your system, to wake you out of your loveless funk. And Love Energy Potion is just the ticket. Or tickets, we should say. Because this pocket-sized bottle comes in packs of three.

    Ok, so the amorous effects of this strawberry-flavoured elixir are highly questionable. But what it can do is set your heart racing like the first flutters of love. And that’s because it’s packed with enough energising ingredients to power a floodlight. Made from the same stuff as the most popular energy drinks (taurine, caffeine, ginseng, etc) it’s also got a little damiana and horny goat weed thrown in for good measure. We have absolutely no idea if that’s a good thing.

    Armed with this potent stuff you might not be guaranteed to find love, but you’ll certainly be the last one to give up looking.
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