Love Beans
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Love Beans

Love grows (where my message bean goes)

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    I love you message

    I love you message

    Sure, flowers are a classic sign of affection. But for a truly romantic gesture, why not grow your very own Love Beans (no sniggering at the back).

    Not nearly as suggestive as they sound, these cute shoots are part of the green bean family. But they have an ingenious trick up their sleeve; because each one will grow a bean with a secret message of love already engraved upon it.


    Love heart on the other side

    Part science, part witchcraft, these harmless looking beans will carry the message: "I Love you", "I Miss You", "Only You", "Forever" or "Thanks". Grow them in the Beanstalk Message Beans pod and they make a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones. Well, they always say beans are good for your heart.

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