Lost in Space B-9 Robot
  • Lost in Space B-9 Robot

Lost in Space B-9 Robot

You bubble-headed booby!

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    Detail head

    Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

    If you like your sci-fi camp, kitsch and ever-so-slightly ridiculous, look no further than Lost in Space. With its Dr Smith-driven storylines, wonky sets and tongue-in-cheek charm, this ‘60s televisual treat is a cult classic. Yet despite the supremely wooden efforts of Jupiter 2’s humanoid crew, the greatest thing about the show was undoubtedly Robot.

    This Class M-3 Model B9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot was the voice of reason (well, ish) in the brilliantly bonkers world of Lost in Space. And now, wealthy/unhinged fans can enjoy the company of their very own full-size, limited edition, fully licensed version in the iconic shape of the Lost in Space B-9 Robot. ‘Warning, alien presence!’

    retro looks with modern technology

    Faithful to the original design

    Brimming with WTF-factor, this fully-functioning reproduction is one of the most gob smacking TV prop replicas we’ve ever seen. Based on original moulds and reference material from Robot’s Season 3 incarnation, it features an acrylic bubble-head, laser-cut steel ‘brain’, engraved acrylic chest buttons, rubber tread belts, knee bellows, leg bellows, hundreds of individually fabricated parts and… look, the point is, this is no ‘bumbling bag of bolts’. This is the business.

    Robot can even move his head, ear sensors, torso and soil sampler, and open and close his ‘claws’. And you won’t need a titchy actor to climb inside and wiggle things; just press the buttons on the accompanying remote control (an accessory Dr Smith could have done with).

    life size

    Over 2 metres high!

    But what about Robot’s familiar voice? Silence, you ninny because an on-board 240w stereo sound system is preloaded with 500 voice tracks recorded by Richard Tufeld, voice of the original Robot. ‘Danger, danger, Will Robinson!’ You can even use Robot as a normal stereo system.

    Quite what you’ll do with your very own Lost in Space Robot is beyond us. And at £25,500 this ‘ludicrous lump’ is certainly not for the average fan. But, to paraphrase Dr Smith, ‘Yours is not to question why; yours is to do as we say or die.’

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