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Loopin' Louie
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Loopin' Louie

Chocks and chickens away!

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    Have you ever fancied fending off a dive-bombing Dick Dastardly-style character? Probably not, but you will when we tell you how incredibly hilarious Loopin' Louie is. And no, you won't have to join Vulture Squadron, find medals for Muttley or go anywhere near one of Clunk's contraptions. What you will have to do, however, is stop Loopin' Louie scaring chickens off your barn by furiously walloping a plastic lever.

    Loopin' Louie Confused? You should be because this mindless masterpiece is even sillier than fast-paced classics such as Hungry Hippos and Mr Mouth. And that's saying something! The idea is to protect your chickens (well okay, plastic discs) from an insane Terry Thomas-esque aviator. Allow us to elaborate: a battery-powered motor rotates a boom arm with a little plastic plane on the end. So far, so surreal. Each player controls a lever, which is used to bash the out-of-control plane away from the chickens balancing on their barn roof. The last player with any chips (sorry, chickens) remaining wins. Simple as that.

    Loopin' Louie We know it sounds childish and inane - and it is. But believe us, once you've had a go you'll be unable to stop playing because Loopin' Louie is seriously addictive, especially if you and your mates have downed a few pre-flight shandies.

    Loopin' Louie Granted, frantically bashing a lever doesn't require much skill but a well-timed hit will send Louie into manic spins and loops (and hopefully into someone else's barn). And if you whap the plane really hard, it sometimes stands vertically for a few agonizing seconds before swooping into an opponent's farmyard. But beware: slamming your lever too hard can actually knock off your own chickens. And there's nothing worse than losing a game of Loopin' Louie. Well there is, but right now we can't think of it. So chocks away and get ordering before this brilliant little game flies off the shelves and crashes into the barn marked 'Out of Stock'.

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