• Looftlighter


Keep the home fires burning

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    Getting the bbq started

    Get it going in 60 seconds!

    Unless you’re the Ray Mears type, starting a barbecue usually involves the following process – Step 1: find matches or a lighter. Step 2: ignite handfuls of foul-smelling white cubes and bury them under a pile of charcoal. Step 3: officially announce that the barbecue has begun and squirt lighter fluid at it for 30-40 minutes. Step 4: begin cooking.

    It’s at this point you might ask yourself how many chemicals are currently coursing through your food. And whether these will affect the taste. The answers are: quite a few; and yes, most likely they will. So much for getting back to nature...

    Thankfully, there is an alternative to food that tastes like it fell on a forecourt. Just use the Looftlighter and in 60 seconds all the hard work will have been done for you.

    Bottle opener part

    Built-in bottle opener

    How does it work? Well, this rugged mains-powered wand blows superheated air over your charcoal. Just holding it to the charcoal for a minute will be enough to ignite your barbecue, giving you time to retreat to the nearest lounger and make use of the other handy feature – a built-in bottle opener!

    If you’re in a real hurry, this handy firestarter can also be used more intensively. Light several areas of your barbecue and you can be ready to cook in just a few minutes. Simple, clean and easy to use, the Looftlighter is the perfect addition to any al fresco chef’s tool kit.

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