Lonpos 505 Puzzle
  • Lonpos 505 Puzzle

Lonpos 505 Puzzle

How do you solve a problem like Lonpos?

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    Solving a 2D puzzle

    480 2D challenges!

    Winner of more awards than Ben Hur, Take That and Ant and Dec combined, Lonpos 505 is a unique pocket-sized puzzle that is guaranteed to have you hopelessly hooked after just a few goes. And with over 360,000 potential problems to solve, you’ll be fiddling with it till the cows come home. Probably longer.

    Totally unique and fist-bitingly addictive, this supremely portable hour cruncher is actually two games in one: a two-dimensional puzzle involving rectangles and a three-dimensional puzzle involving pyramids. Prepare to suffer!

    For the 2D game the idea is to arrange twelve coloured ‘pentonimoes’ as per the patterns in the included booklet. You must then fit the rest of the pieces into the remaining spaces. Easy. Not! There are 480 increasingly complex pre-set problems to solve, but countless additional head-scratchers can be created. You’ll be obsessed before you can say ‘Ooh, gissanother go!’

    3D puzzle

    3D puzzle: even more taxing!

    For a more advanced 3D challenge, simply flip the box over so that the game board is facing up and create a pyramid that matches the chosen illustration in the booklet. Sounds easy, and it is. The hard part is fitting the remaining pentonimoes into place to complete the pyramid. Aargh! There are 25 preset problems but you can create many more noodle knotters.

    The various experts who have been heaping praise on Lonpos 505 reckon it refines motor skills and boosts spatial awareness and visual perception – and it probably does, but you’ll be too busy re-arranging your pentonimoes to worry about all that high brow nonsense. It really is phenomenally engrossing.

    A fantastic plaything for puzzlers of all levels, Lonpos 505 is like all the great brainteasers, in that it looks easy but is actually harder than trying not to think of a pink hippo. See?

    The pentonimoes

    The twelve coloured Pentonimoes

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