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London Tech Calendar 2010
  • London Tech Calendar 2010

London Tech Calendar 2010

New media entrepreneurs in the nod

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    Nude Tech Calendar 2010 on the wall

    We already have it on our wall – sorry we can't show you :(

    Tech entrepreneurs. Don’t you just love ‘em? When they’re not busy tweaking their meta tags, they like nothing better than stripping off and posing in the altogether for calendar shoots. Yes, really. But why in the name of HTML would two dozen high-flying compu-nerds want to shed their threads to become office eye candy? When it’s for charity, of course.

    Strictly limited edition, the Nude Tech Calendar 2010 features 24 tasteful photos of London’s leading new media entrepreneurs. Twelve men, twelve ladies, nearly naked. W00t! And don’t think dorky squares in pants, think…well, think what you like ‘cos we’re not telling. Buy it and see for yourself.

    Take Heart India

    Find out more about Take Heart India

    The brainchild of technology writer, party planner and all round top banana, Milo Yiannopoulos, this high quality tribute to the tech scene’s sexiest (it says here) movers and shakers has been created to raise funds for Take Heart India, a charity focused on IT education projects for blind and disabled students in India.

    Take Heart empowers through practical education and training, and because there are no administration fees you can be sure your £10 will hit the spot. Indeed, it costs Take Heart just £37 to provide a six month computer training course which secures a job for life.

    Some pretty (geeky) faces...

    Hermione Way Joshua March Andrew J Scott Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

    Hermione Way

    Joshua March

    Andrew J Scott

    Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

    Alicia Navarro Joe Stepniewski Sophie Cox Rassami Hok-Ljungberg

    Alicia Navarro

    Joe Stepniewski

    Sophie Cox

    Rassami Hok-Ljungberg
    2 Pears

    See the full list of participants here

    Speaking of money well spent, this full colour calendar is as good for your décor as it is for your conscience. It might even cover up that crack where you head-butted your Jonas Brothers 2009 calendar for crimes against entertainment.

    Brave souls baring (almost) all for your delectation/consternation include Hermione Way from Techfluff.TV, Sam Barnett from Struq, the Reevoo team and Alicia Navarro from Skimbit. No, we haven’t heard of most of them either but that’s never stopped us from buying the Hollyoaks calendar. And it shouldn’t stop you from buying this. Remember, it’s all for charidee. Phwoar, look at the proxy servers on that!

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