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London By London. The Insiders' Guide
  • London By London. The Insiders' Guide

London By London. The Insiders' Guide

Think you know London? Think again!

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    So you think you know London, eh? All right then, where do you go when you 'need to go' and you haven't got 20p to go with? Where are London's most photogenic places? And what's more annoying, other people's iPods or other people's mobile phones? Where are the best places to walk in London? Where did all the Cockney Sparras go? Where did those parakeets come from? And how do you get Transport for London to pay for their mistakes?

    London By London. The Insiders' Guide
    Stumped? You won't be if you get hold of the trivia-packed London By London Insiders' Guide. This fascinating book represents the collective knowledge, wit and wisdom of thousands of Londoners on hundreds of subjects, and is a must-have companion for anyone who lives in, or visits the mighty capital. Compiled from information gathered via London By London's online newsletter, the Insiders' Guide is a 310-page tome of weird and wonderful factoids, tips and observations about London.

    London By London. The Insiders' Guide

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    Forget regular blah-blah-Big-Ben guide books; this edifying masterpiece contains the stuff you really want to know. Because let's face it, despite London's endless faults, it is still the most vibrant and entertaining city on the planet. And we should know 'cos we live 'ere, dahn't we! Like the saying goes: 'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.' And so say all of us!

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