Lomo Supersampler
  • Lomo Supersampler

Lomo Supersampler

4 photos side by side in a single frame

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    Pull the ripcord to shoot

    Pull the ripcord

    Why take just one photograph at a time, when you can take four? We don’t know either. That’s why we’ve ditched our boring single-lens camera in favour of the Lomo Supersampler. With its four individual lenses, the Supersampler slots four panoramic pics into each frame of your 35mm film.

    Perfect for capturing fast-moving subjects, this lightweight shootbox has two shutter speeds. So whether it’s a car chase or a cartwheel, you’ll capture four separate moments of the action. And if your subject isn’t moving? Well then it’s up to you to add the action! Wave the camera around, jump off a wall, or bring new meaning to drive-by shootings. The Supersampler breathes new life into static single-framed shots.

    Example photos

    Create cool action shots or quirky stills!

    When you’re ready to take the shot, just pull on the ripcord and hold down the tiny button. There’s no need to focus- the camera will handle everything.

    Compact, low maintenance and ultra-lightweight, this is a great camera to throw in a backpack or coat pocket before you leave the house. It doesn’t need batteries, so you know it’ll always be ready for action. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go, go, go, go!

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