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Lomo SuperSampler

    Lomo SuperSampler

    Action photography made super simple

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      Lomo make cameras with a difference. They have regular camera elements, like lenses, films and the ability to highlight double chins and shiny foreheads in disappointed subjects, but they all have a twist. The SuperSampler is no exception, taking tremendous and unusual snaps without sacrificing quality.

      The SuperSampler has two different shutter settings, the first captures its images over the course of two seconds and the second takes four shots in 0.2 seconds and stacks them, one on top of the other, to make a tower of four landscape shots. A ripcord film winder, instead of the traditional jagged dial, is another neat invention.

      You can just use the SuperSampler in place of your normal camera, feeding it any kind of 35mm film and getting the prints done in the regular way, but to miss out on the peripheral benefits of a Lomo camera is criminal. They are found at Here, at the official site of the Lomographic Society, your prints can be displayed on their own page. Or, in the parlance, a LomoHome.

      Plus, when you send your completed films to the LomoLab, they will send back a CD of your photos in hi-res format, a free gift and a bundle of LomoPrintables, as well as your photos, negatives and index print. It's worth the extra few pounds and few days wait to experience the complete Lomo package. Send them a SuperSampler film and they'll turn the four parts of each print into a short animation hosted at your LomoHome.

      A SuperSampler is for those events that demand more than a standard set of 2,7'' by 4'' prints. They're dynamic, eye-catching and very cool indeed; as well as capturing the moment, they’re a talking point in themselves. Take a SuperSampler as well as your normal camera next time you're playing shutterbug – you'll catch the Lomo bug immediately.

      Example photos:

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