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Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera
  • Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera

Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera

It’s behind you…and in front…and both sides

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    Animation of the Lomo spinning round!

    Pull the pin and watch it spin!

    Just when you thought a simple photograph could no longer blow you away, along comes the Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera to put a whole new perspective on things – literally. Because despite utilising 35mm film and a manual rubber band drive, this jaw-droppingly unique camera captures truly panoramic shots of the world around you.

    Simply grab the handle, tug the ripcord and gawp as the idiot-proof Lomo spins on its own axis, snapping everything it sees for one breathtaking, super-wide, all-encompassing shot that’s four times longer than a standard landscape snap. It’s like having eyes in the back of your head. And the front and the sides.

    Take a look at these...


    Forget stitching together mutiple shots!

    Just think, armed with a Lomo you can capture everything and everyone around you. The effect is truly unique. It’s ideal for newlyweds, mountaineers, adrenaline junkies, aficionados of architecture or just about anyone who want to check out the bigger picture.

    Wind handle on the Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera The level on the Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera Settings

    Wind the film

    Funky bubble level

    Sunny/cloudy aperture settings

    Lots of fun ways to shoot!

    Fun ways to shoot!

    There are loads of ways to shoot. Hold the Lomo at arms length if you want to be in the shot or above your head if not. Or how about the Rollercoaster (hold the camera at an angle for a wave-like effect); the Group Hug (you and your pals gather round the Lomo in a circle and let it spin in the middle) or Manual Exposure (rotate the camera with your hand for partial panoramas/low light situations). You can even capture 180° shots by only pulling the cord halfway. The possibilities are endless. Well, ish.

    The Lomo creates up to eight full 360° panoramic shots (about the same size as four regular photos) on any regular 36 exposure 35mm roll that can be processed at any high street photo lab. The future of photography? No. A whole new spin? Definitely. You’re gonna need a bigger album!

    For more details on how to print your Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera photos, click here.

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