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Lomo Mini Diana with Flash
  • Lomo Mini Diana with Flash

Lomo Mini Diana with Flash

Pint-sized paparazzo

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    The Flash

    Very flash!

    If it had little cotton socks we would bless them. The Lomo Mini Diana captures all the fun features of its big brother, the Lomo Diana F+, in a stylish pocket-sized package. And now it comes bundled with the Diana F+ Flash for fantastic low-light shots. Fit one of the coloured filters to the flash and you can throw other-worldly colour over your subjects as well.

    For a truly retro feel, shoot in the classic square format, or switch to Half Frame. In this boundlessly creative mode you can cram two shots onto the same frame – perfect for before-and-after pics or snapping moving targets. With a bit of practise you could even piece together your own enormous panoramas. Proof enough that big things sometimes come in tiny packages.
    Half Frame and Square Format

    (From L-R) Half Frame and Square Format

    With adjustable exposure settings and its classic plastic wide-angle lens you’re free to turn your imagination loose and create incredible images in vivid colour. The perfect little snapper for newbies and old hands alike.


    (From L-R) Box, Diana-to-hot shoe adapter, Hot shoe-to-diana adapter, Lens cap, 12x colour filter gels,
    Mini Diana and F+ Flash, book and manual

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