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Lomo Diana Flash+ Camera
  • Lomo Diana Flash+ Camera

Lomo Diana Flash+ Camera

A faithful adaption

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    Few cameras have had the impact of the original 1960’s Diana. Opening up the world of photography to a generation who couldn’t afford expensive heavy-duty cameras, the plastic “toy” camera revolutionised how people took photos. And now it’s back.

    The Lomo Diana Flash+ has all the handling of the original but with a fresh, modern look. With its plastic lens, high-powered flash and all sorts of adjustable settings you’ll be knocking out dynamic, vintage snaps in no time.

    Sliding colour filter into the flash

    Slide colour filter into the flash

    Photoshop? Who needs it? Take control of the multiple/partial exposure settings for layering images over the top of each other. Fit a filter to the flash for splashing crazy colours over your subjects. Snap a huge panorama over several frames. Or just remove the lens completely for truly retro pinhole pics.

    The perfect starter camera for young photographers or a great bit of kit for old-hands. The Lomo Diana Flash+ is here to stay. And with good reason.

    (From L-R) Hot shoe-to-diana adapter, Diana-to-hot shoe adapter, Lens cap, Diana with Flash+,
    12x colour filters, Diana F+ book, Instruction booklet

    More detail and specification