Lomo CyberSampler

    Lomo CyberSampler

    Four-way action

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      This is an amazing camera. Take the shot and all four lenses are exposed over the period of one second. The pictures are split into four when developed, making each one a mini action sequence. You'll quickly become an addict as everything suddenly becomes worthy of a quick snap - from barking dogs, and speeding cars, to dancefloors and low flying planes.

      The emphasis is definitely on cheerful fun - there's no focusing, shutter speed, flash, or aperture to worry about. Just point, snap and sample the action. Diehard Lomographers don't even use a viewfinder.

      You can get the pictures developed in the normal way and it works with any 35mm film. As an added bonus the CyberSampler comes with a 36-exposure 800ASA film and a comprehensive and colourful instruction booklet with some very impressive sample shots. Fantastic!

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