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You lucky sucker

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    Adult-flavoured (aka based on booze) these luxury Lollyphile lollipops are a great addition to any party.

    For the 19th Century French poets there’s an Absinthe flavour, or mix it up like some spicy Mexicanos with the Habanero Tequila version. Maybe you’re interested in a more all-American Whisky style, or if you take a leaf out of a certain Dude’s book, suck on a White Russian.

    A girl licking Lollyphile - Adult Lollipops


    Another sexy girl licking Lollyphile - Adult Lollipops


    Another girl this time in black and white licking a Lollyphile - Adult Lollipops


    While they won’t get you wasted, they’ll certainly treat your taste buds to some fantastically rich flavours. You lucky sucker.
    Lollyphile - Adult Lollipops

    L-R: Absinthe, Whisky, Habanero Tequila and White Russian

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