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Logitech Wireless Music System
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Logitech Wireless Music System

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    Chances are you've probably got a whole heap of music on the computer you're currently gawping at; pristine digital music painstakingly organised into neat playlists. The trouble is you can only listen to it in the room where your PC lives. A shame because that expensive Harry Bigbutton music system in your living room is probably collecting dust. After all, who can be bothered with all that CD burning malarkey?

    s-Dream Wireless Music System So wouldn't it be good if you could wirelessly stream your PC-based music to any room in the house? Well yes, you've guessed it - you can! The amazing Logitech Wireless Music System consists of just three easy-to-install components: a chic USB transmitter that plugs directly into your computer, a powerful receiver that connects to your favourite home stereo speakers, and a nifty remote control that allows you to adjust volume and select tracks from your listening room. No wires, no hassle and, best of all, no interference. That's because the Logitech utilises ingenious Music Anywhere™ wireless technology for crystal-clear digital audio performance.

    s-Dream Wireless Music System

    s-Dream Wireless Music System With a range of 100m, you can boogie in the basement even if your PC resides in the penthouse (what, haven't you got one?). Picture the scene: you could be lazing on the sofa listening to Bros, and then, using the remote control, toggle through your PC's 80s playlist to crank up Howard Jones. Okay, you'd have appalling taste in music, but the point is the idiot-proof Wireless Music System lets you access your digital library from anywhere in the home. You can even listen to podcasts and Internet radio.

    s-Dream Wireless Music System If none of this appeals you can always turn up your PC's wimpy speakers to the max and fashion a makeshift remote from an incredibly long bit of bamboo. But that would be silly. Besides, experts agree the Logitech is a far better option. Indeed, PC PRO described it as 'the best choice yet'. And they're not wrong because we're writing this in the basement of Firebox Towers whilst listening to music from a PC on the first floor. How? Correct, via the Logitech Wireless Music System. Stream on!

    Logitech Wireless Music System

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