Lockdown Outdoor Stash-Box
  • Lockdown Outdoor Stash-Box

Lockdown Outdoor Stash-Box

Beat the thief

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    showing the space to stash your valuables

    Stash space

    Ah the great outdoors. A place to rejuvenate the battered soul and soothe the stressed mind. A whole world waiting to be explored, and explore we do. Millions of people go camping each year, whether at festivals or on holiday, in the UK or abroad. For most the experience is fantastic fun (aside from some of the communal toilets), but if you’ve ever fallen victim to theft*, the experience can turn sour really, really quickly.

    It’s a sad fact but theft at campsites and festivals is on the increase, as we take everything but the kitchen sink with us. Mobile phones, cash, credit cards, identity cards, driving licences, car keys, mobile games consoles, passports and travel tickets could all be up for grabs to the opportunist thief.

    How to install your Lockdown Outdoor Stash-Box

    Step 1: Insert ground screws Step 2: Use the wooden handle to drill the ground screws further Step 3: Pop in your valuables and fix the wooden handle across the screws Step 4: Drop the cover over and padlock. Safe.

    Insert grounds screws

    Use the wooden handle to drill the ground screws further

    Pop in your valuables and fix the wooden handle across the screws

    Drop the cover over and padlock. Safe.

    Trying to pull up the Lockdown

    There's no chance of just pulling the Lockdown up

    At present, there are virtually no proper means of securely stowing valuables while you are camping (Glastonbury Festival for example has only two safe locker rooms on its whole festival site). Tents are not securely fixed to the ground and can be easily/naughtily slashed with a sharp object, enabling the contents to be quickly stolen with little disturbance.

    Well, we have an answer! The Lockdown Outdoor Stash-Box presents a no-nonsense approach to outdoor security by offering a first level of defence against ‘tent robbers’ and opportunist theft. Our portable, lightweight, secure outdoor storage solution gives you piece of mind when you’re enjoying yourself elsewhere.

    It’s a portable outdoor stash-box with additional fixture points, which keeps your valuables rooted to the ground and which:

    • Prevents opportunist theft!
    • Cannot be removed without serious effort - deters tent robbers
    • Splash proof keep safe (we recommend wrapping high value electronics inside a plastic bag)
    • Can be installed by one person in about 2 minutes
    • Lightweight and compact – fits in a rucksack (same size as a camping stove)
    • Stash-box is big enough to hold largest size smart phone + wallet + car key fob + papers
    • Provides fixture point for other high value outdoor kit e.g. bicycles with chain locks
    • Works with all small to medium sized padlocks
    • Easy-stow carry sack provided

    Obviously the best way to increase your security is to conceal the box inside the outer lining of the tent, rather than to present itself as a box of valuables egging on potential thieves, but we're sure you would figure that out!

    * 15% of the UK population has suffered from financial crime whilst at a festival.

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