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Quit fumbling

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    Trying to get your key in the front door at night is like playing pin the tail on the donkey, minus the jelly and ice cream and not nearly as amusing. Thankfully LockLite is here to show you the way with its keyhole-illuminating light.

    Lock Lite

    No more key scratching!

    This ingenious gizmo transforms any standard round-headed house key (Yale etc) into a powerful LED torch. Simply snap the slimline stainless steel assembly on to your door key and you're away. To activate the ultra bright LED just press the rubberised pad and a lock-dazzling beam of light shines directly ahead up to 3 metres. It's quite literally brilliant!

    Lock Lite

    Very powerful LED light!

    Set to become a permanent addition to your pocket (as long as you don't forget your keys), this neat device is so unobtrusive you'll forget it's there - until you need it, in which case it should already be in your hand. Which is nice. You can even use it to shed light on your kebab as you meander home of an evening.

    Easy to fit...

    Lock Lite

    Remove the circlip and spinner

    Replace the plastic key with your own one

    Put it all back together!

    Lock Lite

    Replaceable batteries

    Speaking of meandering, the LockLite is a must-have accessory for anyone who's in the habit of returning home in an advanced state of liquid refreshment, as it enables all you fumbling buffoons to see exactly where you're poking your keys. It's also ideal for those of you who live off dark hallways or can't be bothered to change the porch light. Oh the relief when that gleaming beam illuminates the lock; it's verging on the divine.

    Lock Lite

    LED casts a shaft of light up to 3 metres in length!

    Each LockLite is powered by a pair of long life lithium batteries that give up to 2 hours of light, which is more than enough considering you only need a split second blast to guide you to your lock. And if you really are a hopeless lock-finder, fear not because the batteries can easily be replaced.

    Lock Lite

    A torch that still looks
    like a key!

    This really is the most brilliantly simple gadget we've seen in yonks. And at under a fiver it's a steal. In fact unless you've got some kind of iris-scanning entry system or a floodlit front door we can think of no good reason why you wouldn't want to buy a LockLite this very second. Your paintwork will love you for it.

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