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    Loc8tor Lite

    Never lose your keys again!

    Are you one of those folks who puts things in weird places for safekeeping, then moans because finding it again is harder than guessing Stephen Hawking's PIN number? This is what you need, a tiny key-ring sized locating machine that finds your lost gear for you, without having to look behind the sofa and under the fridge in a manic, wide-eyed tizzy.

    Thanks to some clever remote sensing, the Loc8tor handheld unit will home in on small tags that you attach to your most mislaid possessions - be it mobile phone, car keys, tent or pet triffid. Just clip on the tag using one of the included key-rings or sticky pads, and your walkabout-prone stuff will only be seconds away from rediscovery!

    Loc8tor Lite

    The Loc8tor Tag

    Each set comes with one sensor and two homing tags for you to use on your stuff. Once you realise you haven't a clue where the offending items have gone, just switch on the sensor and listen to the beeps: like a Geiger counter, the quicker they go the closer you're getting. You can also check the LED readout on the sensor to help guide you in too.

    Getting started:

    Loc8tor Lite

    Attach your tag

    Sync the handset and tag

    Go find your keys: The handset has a range of up to 122m

    Loc8tor Lite

    Let the lights guide you

    There can be few things as satisfying as walking round your house like some kind of mad scientist, using an advanced bit of kit to home in on the TV remote that your dog's hidden in his basket. When you're on the trail, the sensor can sniff out the tags from 122 metres away, and continues giving you audio and visual clues to their whereabouts until you get within an inch of the lost stuff - and let's face it, if you can't find it from an inch away, it's not a Loc8tor you need, it's a pair of bifocals.

    Loc8tor Lite

    Sound beeps quicker as
    you get closer to your tag

    The technique is pretty simple: just switch on, hold out the sensor and turn slowly around - when you work out where the strongest signal is coming from, just walk in that direction and keep your eyes and ears peeled. Make sure you keep aware of minor obstacles though: Loc8tor may be powerful, but it's no protection against a rogue lorry in your path!

    Loc8tor Lite

    Small enough to slip
    into your wallet!

    If you need more than two tags for your stuff, you can link up to four with each sensor unit. The set-up takes a matter of seconds - well, short enough so you won't lose the instructions before you finish programming them. You'll never have to be a loser again - Loc8tor lite will do everything but the walking!

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