Llama Wireless Charger
  • Llama Wireless Charger
  • Llama Wireless Charger
  • Llama Wireless Charger

Llama Wireless Charger

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Llama Wireless Charger
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Love it as much as we do?
  • A wireless charger, shaped just like a llama
  • He’s got sunglasses! What a cool guy
  • Charge your phone without being tethered to the wall
  • Compatible with all smartphones that support wireless charging
  • USB power cable included so you can charge it up


You still have a wired phone charger? Pfft. Okay, Captain Yesterday. It’s time you joined the 21st century.

Next time your phone is low on juice, just slap it on this lovely llama and he’ll get to work on getting you back to 100% ASAP. Be the most useful person ever when someone complains about their smartphone being on the brink of death before a big night out, just slide this bad boy over to them and revel in their gratitude.

And, more importantly, it means an end to having people ‘accidentally’ stealing your anonymous looking white phone charger and claiming it was theirs all along. Nobody can claim they had a silicone llama with sunglasses all along. Checkmate, sneaky thieves.

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