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Llama Teapot

A-llam-ingly cute



Expected in stock: 28th Jun, 2019

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Llama Teapot
Love it as much as we do?
  • A teapot… in the shape of a llama!
  • It’s a bit adorable, not one to hide away in the cupboard
  • Made of super durable glazed ceramic
  • 2 cup-ish capacity
  • Impeccable painted details - look at his little pompom neck thingy!


What’s the one thing that can calm a llama down? A cup of tea, obviously.

But only if it’s brewed in this delightful llama teapot. Made of hard-wearing glazed ceramic, this painted pot is the most pleasant Peruvian addition to your tea party.

Now, there’s method to this madness. Sort of. Camels can store gallons of water in their humps! Llamas… are a bit like camels. They don’t store water but they can drink a lot. Perhaps this is a hybrid llama camel (llamel? cama?) that can harbour 500ml in its belly. Use your imagination, people.

Ah well, who needs logic when you’ve got a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Bought this for a funky friend who really loves it. Takes pride of place on her kitchen worktop. "
    - 26th of April, 2019
  • "Brighten up your afternoon tea with this magnificent beast. Quirky, smooth pourer and no ca-llama-ity to use! "
    - 21st of November, 2018
  • "Great, lovely quality and perfect for llama lovers"
    - 22nd of October, 2018