Llama Powerbank
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  • Llama Powerbank
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  • Llama Powerbank

Llama Powerbank

Herd you like llamas

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Llama Powerbank
Love it as much as we do?
  • It’s a llama, but it’s a power bank - a llama power bank
  • Provides a humongous 2000mAh of power!
  • In other words, that’s approx. one full charge for most smartphones
  • Your eyes do not deceive you, that’s 0% - 100%
  • It’s got sunglasses, how cool is that? Answer: extremely


Llamas spend all day basking in the Peruvian sun, soaking up all those beautiful rays. So much solar power, in fact, that this llama in particular has stored enough of it to embark on a new life as a power bank! It also explains the sunglasses, which is a relief. We weren’t sure what to say about them.

Packing an impressive 2000mAh of phone-boosting llama power, this lightweight charger provides one full charge (0-100%) for most smartphones. And also sits in your bag looking cool, which is clearly the bit that matters most.

Side note: it’s meant to be wearing one of those nice Aztec-print saddle things, but it looks a bit like it’s wearing pants. We don’t mind, we think it’s a fab ice breaker at parties.

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