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Llama Mug

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Llama Mug
We made this! It's a Firebox Original!
  • Sip away life's drama with this perky little llama
  • Thick wool (high quality ceramic) coat keeps your drinks warm
  • Not to be confused with the 'squirrel wearing Peruvian towel' mug
  • Holds 350ml of your favourite liquid
  • Also makes a fantastic planter
Llamas are distantly related to camels. The main biological difference between them? A camel can store gallons upon gallons of water in it's hump, whereas this lil' guy can hold precisely 350ml of any liquid you please!

Just take a long, refreshing sip from the welcoming tummy of this ceramic Llama and forget about life's petty drama.

It also makes a sensational indoor planter.

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