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Llama Lap Warmer
  • Llama Lap Warmer
  • Llama Lap Warmer
  • Llama Lap Warmer

Llama Lap Warmer

Chilly llap, warm llama

We Love This Llama Lap Warmer
This is the easiest way to get warm. It's better than sticking another layer on BY FAR. And the toasty pellets inside this lovely llama stay hot for hours. Job done!

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Llama Lap Warmer
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  • Get cosy with it
  • It’s cold out there and your lap is freezing
  • Pop this llama in the microwave and let it heat up your frozen core
  • Perfect for cuddling up to in lieu of a real llama
  • Safer than a hot water bottle


Reasons why this is a better alternative to putting a real llama in your lap:
  • Import duties on a real living breathing spitting llama are through the roof these days, plus you have to wait for it to get through quarantine and all that nonsense
  • Being a wild animal, real llamas tend to smell a bit - whereas this one smells nice and clean
  • This cuddly cosy heatable lap warmer will NEVER spit on or at you - not even in your general direction
  • Putting him in the microwave won’t cause a meaty explosion
Do you really need any other reasons to get your frosty mitts on this sweet little guy? No. No you don’t.

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