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    little lamp

    Light on, light off...

    The no-frills Little Lamp isn't just battery-operated, it's battery-based. Literally. A classic lamp shade complete with an LED bulb and handy on/off pull-chain, clips on to a D-Cell battery, which doubles up as a base. Clever, eh?

    The concept behind this über-chic product is so screamingly obvious it's amazing nobody has ever thought of it before. But that's the difference between those ingenious designer-types over at Suck UK and the rest of us mere mortals.

    little lamp

    Just a battery and a lamp!

    But even though we didn't think of it (drat!), we reckon it's high time someone made the humble battery a feature as opposed to a function – and with the Little Lamp it's both.

    Using a decent D-Cell battery, such as the one provided, you'll get an impressive 150 hours of light. What's more, because the bulb is an LED, it should last over a decade. But by that time global warming will probably cause the sun to burn so brightly, artificial light will be redundant.

    little lamp

    The LED will never need replacing

    But why worry about trifling issues like the end of the planet when you can sit and admire the Little Lamp? Pulling a chain has never been so satisfying. We guarantee you'll be unable to stop switching it on and off. Put it on your desk, your bedside table or any other surface that could do with a bit of designer utilitarian chic.

    little lamp

    Find the 1.5v D-Cell battery

    Slot it into the base of the lamp

    Pull the chain to light!

    little lamp

    Designer utilitarian chic

    The Little Lamp is destined to become a design classic because its power is its glory. In fact this dinky little light is guaranteed to have onlookers cooing in wonder. So hurry up and get ordering. Little Lamp, big idea!

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