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Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix
  • Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix
  • Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix

Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix

Ain’t that a kick in the cocktails!

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    Elevating a Bloody Mary into the realms of spicy deliciousness involves the careful mixing of several key ingredients. But who can be bothered with all that tomfoolery, especially with a hangover. No, what you need is a barrel of Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix.

    Created with the Bloody Mary connoisseur in mind, this 100% natural, handmade concoction is said to be the world’s first devilling essence, a liquid seasoning that adds heat, complexity and ‘umami’ to savoury food and drink.

    Umami? Don’t you know? It’s an on-trend Japanese concept involving the ‘fifth taste’ of savouriness. Things with high umami levels include parmesan, anchovies and porcini mushrooms. Mmm, ripe! It really is deliciously tantalising.

    We digress. The point is Bloody Spice will make both Bloody and Virgin Marys taste smooth, balanced and devilishly spicy. Just open the single-serving sachet and pour it on your vodka and tomato juice. No multiple condiment juggling required.

    The recipe is a balanced blend of several premium quality ingredients, including Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco, cayenne peppers, anchovy essence, celery salt, aged balsamic vinegar, lime, lemon, wasabi and black pepper. Try finding that lot in the cupboard at a drinks do.

    With 24 sachets in each barrel you’ll be tempted to pour Bloody Spice into more than mere cocktails – and you should. Use it to add flavour to almost any savoury dish, from bolognese and baked beans to gazpacho and salsa. With its funky packaging and unique taste, Little Devil Bloody Mary Spice Mix makes a great gift for lovers of all things tomato-based. All you need now is a bottle of vodka and a mild hangover.

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