Little Britain Talking Keychain
  • Little Britain Talking Keychain

Little Britain Talking Keychain

This fing wot you know nuffin about!

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    Just when you thought catchphrase comedies were on their way out, along comes Little Britain to reignite the entire genre. This smash hit show has spawned a whole raft of bizarre sayings that are as notable for their silliness as they are for their indefinable genius. Then again we've been saying 'Nice to see you, to see you, nice,' and 'Ooh, you are awful but I like you,' (ask your parents) for donkey's years and they don't make sense either.

    Little Britain Talking Keychain Of course the whole thing with catchphrases is that people like repeating them. And repeating them. A lot. Which can be rather annoying, especially if they possess limited mimicry skills à la Richard Madeley (Ali G, anyone?). The point is, why make a fool of yourself impersonating the Little Britain boys badly when you can listen to pre-recorded quotes from your favourite David Walliams/Matt Lucas characters via the ingenious Little Britain Talking Keychain.

    Little Britain Talking Keychain Yes, Little Britainers, with this officially licensed handheld gizmo you can enjoy the wit and wisdom of characters such as Vicky Pollard, the world's most incoherent teenager; Dafydd, the only gay in the village; bitchy civil servant Sebastian; fierce Fat Fighter Marjorie Dawes and unconvincing transvestite Emily Howard. Simply press a button and you'll hear one of 12 classic quotes:

    • Andy: 'Don't like it! Ah want that one!'
    • Vicky: 'Shaddup cos I never done nuffin' nor nuffin' and anyone says I did is gonna get beaten!'
    • Dafydd: 'I'll have a quarter of bonbons and a copy of Gay Times please... it's my only outlet!'
    • Emily: 'But I'm a lady! I don't have, how you say... testiclé!'
    • Marjorie: 'Dust! High in fat, low in fat, dust. Anyone! No? Dust!'
    • Sebastian: 'Whatever!'
    • Anne: 'Eh eh ehhhh...Eh eh Eh!'
    • Ray McCoony: 'Maybe ah do and maybe ah don't... Ah leave ye with a riddle!'
    • Dennis Waterman: 'Oh that's nice! So they want me to write the feem toon, sing the feem toon...'
    • Kenny: 'Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into the eyes!'
    • Carol: 'Computer sez no...'
    • Bubbles: 'Call me Bubbles Dahling, everybody does! I'm winking Dahling!'
    Little Britain Talking Keychain Guaranteed to raise a titter, the comic potential of this ingenious little device is as obvious as Emily's gender, and it's a great way to silence misquoting pub bores as every catchphrase has been taken directly from the show. So enough of the yeah buts and no buts - get yourself a Little Britain Talking Keychain before everyone in the village cottons on.
    Little Britain Talking Keychain

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