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Little Bao Dumpling Airpod Cover
  • Little Bao Dumpling Airpod Cover
  • Little Bao Dumpling Airpod Cover
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Little Bao Dumpling Airpod Cover

All aBAOt the safety

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Little Bao Dumpling Airpod Cover
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  • Keep your Airpods safe for less than the price of a takeaway
  • This wireless earphone cover is shaped like an adorable xiao long bao
  • The cutest, most delicious way to keep your expensive earphones safe
  • Compatible with Apple Airpods Gen 1 and 2
  • UK exclusive! You literally can’t get this anywhere else


You got lit up with Lil B and his giant, glowing brother. Now you can take him everywhere with you - only this time, he’s looking after your Airpods.

This adorable little bao dumpling will keep your pricey, easy-to-lose wireless earphones safe, secure and snug inside him. His soft silicone outer and hard, protective inner will ensure no harm comes to your precious Airpods, no matter how much they get bumped about in your bag or pocket. Drop proof? You know it, baby.

Okay, so it won’t leave them fully charged, but he costs less than a takeaway and is quite possibly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. How could you say no to that face?

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