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Literary Kindle Fire Covers

Judge an eBook by its Cover

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    Quintessentially classic and lovingly designed, these covers hark back to a bygone era. A simpler time; when the written word ruled supreme, books were made of paper and a micro-chip was just a very small piece of fried potato.

    Featuring the original, first edition covers for classics such as The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse Five, Moby-Dick and On the Road; you can take your pick from a selection of great literary genres, eras and styles. Plus, the soft rubber cradle keeps your Kindle Fire safe from bumps, spills and scratches.

    Printed on authentic, heavyweight cloth and card, these first edition covers still look as classic as back in the day. Recreated by professional bookbinders – using only the finest of traditional bookbinding techniques – the Literary Kindle Fire Covers bring an original style to your digital device.

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