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    Phenomenally cool in every sense of the word.

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      With the advent of garishly coloured alcopops, certain drinks now seem to lack a certain je ne sais quoi in the ‘Wow, look at that!’ department. But now, thanks to these funky little cubes of genius, even the dullest of drinks will look good enough to, er, drink. That’s because Litecubes are freezable blocks of non-toxic plastic that magically illuminate when gently tapped on a hard surface.

      LitecubeSimply pop them in the freezer for a while, give them a tap and hey presto – a red, green, orange or blue light cube is ready to be dropped into the drink of your choice. Perfect for all occasions – just don’t try sucking them as a) they don’t dissolve b) they’re made of plastic and c) you may end up looking like The Godfather’s radioactive offspring.

      Litecubes are re-usable, easy to clean and last up to 12 hours. WhatÂ’s more they really do keep your drinks feeling cold and looking cool. Plink, plink, bling bling.

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