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Lite Sprites Prisma
  • Lite Sprites Prisma

Lite Sprites Prisma

Sweetness and light

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    wand close up

    Comes with colour changing wand

    Here on earth, we tend to rock just one look a day (two if we’ve been out in the snow). But in the land of the Lite Sprites, they change every couple of minutes! And who can blame them, when they can turn any colour with the wave of a magic wand?

    Just touch Lite Sprites Prisma’s magic wand to any coloured object you find. With a sparkle of lights and magical sound effects the wand will light up in your chosen colour. Point the wand at Prisma herself and she’ll change to that colour too! It’s the ultimate way to express yourself from one moment to the next.

    step 1 step 2 step 3

    Select a colour with the wand's base

    The wand will change to that colour

    Change Prisma's colour with the wand

    What’s more, if you find a colour you really like, you can share it with other Lite Sprites and even light up their home! Prisma comes with 10 built-in favourite colours and a colour wheel to get you started. But it’s more fun discovering new colours for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and express yourself!

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