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Lite Boules

    Lite Boules

    Funky flashing boules? Sacre bleu!

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      On the subject of boules, celebrated French writer Rabelais once said: "Neither rheumatism nor any other malady can prevent one from playing this game: it is suitable for all ages." How right he was, because various versions of boules are still popular throughout the world. One thing Rabelais didn't mention, though, was the darkness. And no, we're not talking about the spandex-clad rockers; we're referring to genuine, can't-see-a-thing, pitch black-type darkness. Because despite the brilliant simplicity of boules you can't really play it at night. Until now.

      Lite Boules: flashing

      Lite Boules are spheres of durable synthetic material that look similar to the colourful boules you sometimes see at beach soirées and kiddies' parties. The big difference is these ingenious orbs contain a clever core of circuitry. When the light fades, simply turn the concealed screw and hidden LEDs within each boule are magically activated - a simple but brilliant concept that allows you to play well into the night, because Lite boules don't just glow, they flash big time.

      Lite Boules: turning the light on

      twist clockwise to illuminate

      The object of the game is to score points by getting your boule as close as possible to the jack. Players on the opposite team attempt to get their boule even nearer or knock away the other team's leading boule. The boule nearest to the jack leads. But you already knew that. We just though we’d remind you how simple but enthralling this garden classic really is. Of course, rules are meant to be broken – especially boules rules – and there are countless permutations of play.

      Lite Boules: carry case

      Lite boules come complete with a nifty carry case and everything you need to start playing. All you have to do is wait for the sun to go down. Or switch the lights off, whichever you prefer.This funky update on an ancient diversion is perfect for garden parties, raves, power cuts and evening get-togethers in the park.

      Lite Boules: last night

      Artist's impression

      Better still, everyone will want a go, as this is one of the few games that even sporting no-hopers can play without looking overly stupid. Besides, at night, no-one can see you blush!

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