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Connect the clicks

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  • Linknotize: the least traditional board game ever
  • Connect two unrelated topics in under 10 clicks and 3 minutes
  • Finally phones AREN'T banned
  • Finally Wikipedia IS a legitimate source of information
  • Much, much better than Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


Think fast. No, we're not going to lob a ball in your face - we’re going to ask you to connect Abraham Lincoln to Lady Gaga in as few Wikipedia links as possible within 180 seconds. And yes, we’ve got our marbles' whereabouts covered, thank you very much.

The point is, we haven’t lost our minds and we aren’t spewing gibberish for the heck of it, we’re actually attempting (albeit rather feebly) to introduce to you Linknotize, the game that asks you to connect two completely unrelated topics to one another in as few links as possible.

We read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only 1-10 other Wikipedia links. 1-10 Wikipedia links between us and everyone else on this planet. The President of the United States, a successful carcass wearing popstar, just fill in the (Wiki) links.

The rules of Linknotize are simple. You’ll be competing (viciously) to connect two unrelated topics online. Using any one of the 21st centuries dazzling array of devices, (phone, tablet, desktop if you’re feeling retro) to bridge the gap between said unrelated topics by way of clicks - and less than ten of them. These events must take place in under three minutes. It all sounds very sinister, and so it should because the art of ruling at board games is not to be taken lightly.

Roll the dice, select two topics, set the timer and you’re away. Does this all make sense? Is the Space Pope reptilian?

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  • "Been playing this for a while but always ended up with a biased start or end point so have the cards and dice is excellent."
    Emma - 13th of October, 2015