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Lingo Playing Cards
  • Lingo Playing Cards
  • Lingo Playing Cards

Lingo Playing Cards

Say your cards right

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Finally, an excuse to play poker!
  • Learn a new language by playing cards
  • Each card has a different useful phrase on it
  • Includes phonetic spellings so you can actually say the stuff
  • Available in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and British Slang


All work and no play makes learning a language dull AF. Put down your textbook and bust out the playing cards, it’s time to cram. And have fun while doing it.

These playing cards are packed with useful essential phrases in your language of choice - choose from French, Spanish, German, Japanese, or even British Slang!

When we say ‘essential’, we mean it. We’re talking practical phrases that you will actually need to use if you go to that country. For example, ‘What’s the time?’. Not ‘Hi my name is Katie and my favourite colour is pink and my lesson is P.E.’ like they taught you in school.

With 56 cards worth of ace newfound foreign vocab up your sleeve, you'll never get lost in the shuffle of a new country again!

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