Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Phone Cases
  • Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Phone Cases

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Phone Cases

A new Low-han

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  • Let Lindsay Lohan’s seductive stare protect your smartphone
  • Lightweight but hardwearing phone case
  • #tbt to 2010, a simpler time
  • Party like you’ve got a reduced misdemeanor count
  • Available for most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models


Protect your most precious asset - your phone, naturalment - with Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot.

Back in 2010, the iconic actress got arrested for failing to promptly attend court-mandated weekly alcohol education classes and submit to random drug tests. That’s 90 days in jail! But look at that glow, those sculpted cheekbones. We know she was really jailed for looking too damn good.

Just like The Lohan herself, this phone case isn’t just a pretty face. It’s tough (lightweight, strong plastic) and tender (feels lovely to stroke), the contrast between his bars and his family life. It’s basically like having Lindsay in the room with you.

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