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Like Cushion

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    Holding the Like Cushion

    I like me a lot!

    As cool-hunting zeitgeist riders your good friends at Firebox know a thing or two about online trends. But even the most tech-ignorant bozo knows about the whole Like/Dislike thing popularised by the, er, likes of Facebook and YouTube. With this in mind why not step aboard the bandwagon and hug a Like Cushion.

    Brought to you by the achingly cool folks at Throwboy in the good ol’ US of A, this 100% fleece cushion is handcrafted and stuffed with highly squishable polyester fibres. But more than that it’s emblazoned with the globally recognised thumbs-up icon and its accompanying four-letter word. And no, we’re not talking about ‘nerd’.

    Close up of the thumbs up icon

    100% fleece

    An ideal gift for web surfers unwilling to express their feelings verbally, the Like Cushion is a great addition to any modern home or office. And when you want to show people how you feel simply hold it up or chuck it at them. Verbalising your uninformed observations? How terribly old fashioned.

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