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Lightning Reaction Xtreme
  • Lightning Reaction Xtreme

Lightning Reaction Xtreme

Electric Fright Orchestrator

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New model!
New model featuring two shocking modes of play and adjustable shock level!


    Electrocution is no laughing matter, especially when you're on the receiving end. But like so many things in life, pain can be exceptionally close to pleasure. And never has this axiom been more starkly demonstrated than in the fiendishly amusing Lightning Reaction Xtreme.

    Lightning Reaction Xtreme This ominous looking contraption put the willies up us before we'd even put the batteries in! In fact, we reckon its designers drew inspiration from the Planet Mongo, as Lightning Reaction Xtreme resembles something Ming the Merciless might have used to extract information from Flash Gordon.

    Lightning Reaction Xtreme And we were right to be apprehensive, because Lightning Reaction Xtreme could easily be called Frightening Distraction. Basically, this pernicious little party plaything is a suspense-drenched game of nerve and split-second timing, where losers receive a nasty (but harmless) electric shock. Four curvaceous handles sit on a circular base like a quartet of chrome cobras ready to strike. Simply select your handle, pick the number of victims...sorry, players (2-4) and press the red start button. Lightning Reaction Xtreme immediately begins to flash and wails like a banshee playing a broken viola with a shard of glass.

    Lightning Reaction Xtreme The menacing Hitchcockian sound FX are scary enough, but the real drama occurs the moment the music stops and the button glows green, as the last player to press the button on their handle receives an electrifying frazzle that's guaranteed to turn the air blue and force a bout of involuntary gurning from both winners and, more amusingly, losers.

    In fact, the look on players' faces as Lightning Reaction Xtreme delivers its electrifying coup de grâce is probably the most entertaining aspect of the whole nerve-jangling process.

    Lightning Reaction Xtreme There are two modes, 'Normal' and 'Extreme'. In Normal mode the last person to press gets the shock. In Extreme mode, however, only the fastest player avoids the shock. And you can forget about cheating - pressing your button before the all-clear only means you get the shock early. The literally shocking contraption also boasts an optional 'high power' setting for a bigger zap. Lightning Reaction Xtreme is a side-splittingly spiteful test of skill and will, and we guarantee you'll love and hate it in equal measures. Because like we said before, pain is excruciatingly close to pleasure. Hilariouzzzz!

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