Lighten Up Stickers

    Lighten Up Stickers

    Lighten up when you light up!

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      Smoking kills! Surely every smoker knows this by now, but just in case there are folks out there who think it is good for you, the warnings on cigarette packets have been getting ever larger and starker to the point where they cover over half the packet in big, black scary lettering. Now, we don't want to play down the adverse effects on your health of the old cancer sticks, but just because your hobby is potentially fatal is no reason to have a sense of humour failure, is it now?

      Nobody likes a quitter

      With the aim of giving you a bit of light relief when you light up, we present "Lighten Up" stickers. They are both (a) big and (b) clever. Each pack contains 16 spoof warning stickers with which you can cover the dire, doom-laden warnings adorning your tabs of choice, easing your guilt a little, but more importantly doing your bit to fight the 'culture of fear' our rulers seem so determined to instill.

      Smoking can aid weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet

      It seems that the list of things which are supposedly bad for our health and/or dangerous is growing all the time: beef, mobile phones, sex, the internet, cars, peanuts, the sun, kiwi fruit and hijacked jet liners to name just a few. If we paid heed to all the warnings which relentlessly bombard us, we would wear suits made of bubble wrap and never leave our homes, which is probably just what 'they' want!

      Stopping smoking may reduce your breaks at work

      Strike a blow for individual freedom, cock a snook at the worrywarts and laugh in the face of death. We are all going to hell in a handcart anyway (maybe) so why not have a laugh on the way? That's the spirit! Smoking will be illegal everywhere soon, anyway (except France, and maybe China), so you may as well enjoy it while you can.

      Smoking skills

      Each pack comes in a fetching translucent plastic case which contains 16 different stickers (slogans may differ from those illustrated on this page). Chainsmokers are encouraged to take advantage of our multi-pack offer!

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