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    Back in the twentieth century music lovers would add visual vibes to their tunes by lighting loads of candles. Then came those Hendrix-tastic projector thingies that gave rooms a woozy psychedelic feel. And after that came…erm, well, apart from the old 'flicking the red light bulb on and off' routine, not much. So thank goodness some bright spark has decided to inject a bit of hi-tech oomph into the whole lights-to-music genre.

    The state-of-the-art Lightcast is a nifty device that brings your music to life with a mesmerising, out of this world light show that dances across walls and ceilings. It's like watching an ever-changing multi-coloured supernova on the Planet Pink Floyd.

    But here's the clever bit: thanks to Smartbeat™technology, this ingenious gizmo actually syncs with the tunes it 'hears' and pulses and reacts to the beat. Simply plug in your MP3 player, your PC, your electric guitar or virtually any other music source and prepare to be visually assaulted by a kaleidoscope of dancing light.

    Whether you're chilling out, dropping off or 'avin' it large, the Lightcast is guaranteed to keep you totally spellbound. It even features various modes (smooth, flow, vibe and pulse) for various moods.

    If you're wondering how the sleek Lightcast delivers its funky interactive lightshow, wonder no more: this compact shell contains a cluster of 33 LEDs and an interchangeable projection lens/mirror. Throw in enhanced parabolic projection, adjustable attitude and you're talking…er, well, to be honest we don't know what you're talking but the effect is truly captivating.

    Perfect for parties, relaxing on your own or adding ethereal atmosphere to any music-listening session, the Lightcast is the ideal companion for anyone who wants their music to look as good as it sounds. So stop wasting money on candles and coloured light bulbs and hit Buy.

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